About us

We are a family owned and operated business that makes quality bean bag chairs. We are an American company that proudly makes all of our products right here at our factory in Noel, Missouri, the heart of the USA.

In 1994 we were a clothing manufacturing company based in El Paso Texas. We had people come to us asking us to make things for them. The most common thing we made for people were bean bag chairs. They were unavailable in the quality that people wanted. As time went on and textile work went to other countries we decided rather than to go to other countries to manufacture we would stay here and support American workers. We decided to open a web site and in the later part of the 90's and sell bean bag chairs. We were not sure where it would take us. After a few years it wasn't hard to see that we weren't the only ones interested in quality bean bag chairs. We decided to move to Noel Missouri to be more centrally located in the United States to be able to reach anyone in the country for close to the same price.

We wanted to find a way to revolutionize the bean bag industry. The one thing that was missing in a bean bag was a way to wash it. We came up with a remove and wash system that completely solved this issue. We are the original remove and wash bean bag creators.

After years of producing bean bag chairs we have expanded our line and added new models. We are able to extend our experience and know how onto our customers in the form of a quality bean bag chair and the best price possible. Our chairs may be a bit more than some of the other chairs you can find out there but we believe in quality and not cutting corners. We use only the best materials when producing our bean bag chairs. If you buy a King Beany bean bag chair you can rest assured that it was made in the United States by American workers with the best possible materials!

If you are interested in fabric swatches or just would like to get some more information about our company or our bean bag chairs, please contact us today!